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Summer League

Summer league will run from June 6th to early August with an end of season hat tournament held on Saturday, August 12th. 


The survey results were varied but showed that our community wants to support MIXED ultimate but would also support a night of OPEN format. To accomplish this, while not capping our mixed league and forcing several defender of men (DOM) players to play on a second night or forcing our defender of women (DOW) players to play near-savage as in years past, we had to get creative. The solution we came up with also allows for a night where our entire summer league is able to play on the same night, creating a greater sense of community in 2023, our 20th year as an organization.


Registration is OPEN

Plan: 4 mixed and 8 open “pods” where 2 mixed games and 1 open game occur each week. Each pod will be approximately 8 players.

Format: Each week, the 4 mixed pods will be paired with 4 open pods to make up the 2 MIXED game participants while the remaining 4 open pods will cover the other 2 teams for the 1 OPEN game. Survey showed 40% of respondents prioritized playing some version of MIXED. Here’s your chance! Format subject to change depending on exact DOM registered players. Despite it sounding quite different, this league is the most similar to our previous summer leagues.

Rotation: The rotating will be mostly random but in a 3-week game sample, each OPEN pod should expect to play 2 mixed games and 1 open game.

Results: The 2 pods on any given winning team will be granted a “win” and the 2 pods on a losing team will be given a “loss”. Pod with greatest win-loss record (after any applicable tie-breakers) will be recognized as summer league champions.

Tournament: This hybrid-model doesn’t bode well for a tournament so the traditional tournament will be replaced with a HAT tournament to be held on Saturday, August 12th, where players will be assigned a new team for that day only. Exact tournament structure after that is TBD.

Price: $30 for ESM residents and current students. $35 for everyone else.

Future: This rotating HYBRID league format is currently expected to be a one-time thing and act as a transition to future years of having 2 distinct leagues of MIXED (4/3 or greater ratio) and OPEN on 2 separate league nights.


Registration is OPEN

Plan: New Open (no gender matching limitations) league for anyone who wishes to play

Format: Exact format is TBD until we know the number of registered players. Survey showed 51% of respondents would play “whatever is offered” while 30% were available both nights and would be open to play both MIXED and OPEN. Here’s your chance!

Tournament: This league is expected to have many of the same players as the Tuesday hybrid-league but for anyone playing OPEN only, you are welcome to join the end of season HAT tournament (Saturday 8/12)

Price: $15 for ESM residents and current students. $20 for everyone else

Future: This OPEN league is currently expected to be offered going forward. Our hope is to offer 2 distinct leagues of MIXED (4/3 or greater ratio) and OPEN on 2 separate league nights.

We know change can be difficult but we ask to you be patient with us and we navigate the challenges of declining player pools, changing demographics and varying involvement levels while keeping the best interests of the greater league community in mind. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a Board member.

-Syracuse Ultimate Board of Directors


** Note:  If you wish to play in the league, but are not able to pay some or all of the registration fee, please fill out registration to the payment page and email commish@syracuseultimate.org to discuss options.  Any discussion will be kept confidential.

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Plan on playing. We will cancel/suspend games if there is lightning, if playing would damage the fields or pose a hazard to the players.

If we know during the day that conditions will not support playing, an email will be sent to the league mailing list before 4pm.